Since 2001, BRIDGEWAY has completed nearly a thousand business sale transactions in various types of industries. BRIDGEWAY has gained much experience in starting and operating a business. To share our experience with entrepreneurs, we have published series of entrepreneurship booklets for people wanting to start their own businesses.


"Entrepreneurship" Series


Strategies for Buying & Selling A Business (Out of Stock)

It's about the use of the most effective way “Buy a Business” to increase the success rate of starting a business and also the techniques for buying business.


( HK $38 )

How to start up a Desert House in Chinese style successfully (Out of Stock)
It's about how to start a desert house from scratch, which included site selection, licensing, purchasing and recruitment, etc. It also teaches you on how to build up your competitive advantage.


( HK $28 )


How to Start Up a Cafe Successfully
It provides some guidelines for you to start a Cafe from scratch ranging from strategy planning to implementation. It also uses case studies (e.g. Delifrance, Paris Cafe) to enhance knowledge and strengthen your competitive ability.


( HK $48 )

How to Start Up an Education Centre Successfully
It provides some guidelines for you to start an education centre from scratch. It mentions five major areas which include shop selection, license, course design, recruitment and promotional strategy.


( HK $38 )


Business Research Report


Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Report (Hong Kong and Shenzhen 2009)
2009 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Report was official launched by CUHK Centre for Entrepreneurship and BRIDGEWAY. GEM is the largest and most authoritative research on entrepreneurship worldwide. It is a global research consortium that includes scholars from more than 55 countries. The CUHK Center for Entrepreneurship takes lead of the Hong Kong study, teaming with the Shenzhen Academy of Social Sciences to benchmark start-up activity of our twin cities against other parts of the world.


( HK $80 )  

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Report (Hong Kong 2007) (Out of Stock)
The report is jointly published by the BRIDGEWAY and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It focuses on the Global and Hong Kong entrepreneurship analysis. It provides solid suggestion for future development of entrepreneurship.


( HK $80 )


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